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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question 1, Looking for forms for the BA Vintage Country Fair.
  2. Question 2, Looking for forms for the BA Hootenanny.
  3. Question 3, Is there an electricity supply for stands.
  4. Question 4, Is there a water supply.
  5. Question 5, Are dogs allowed.
  6. Question 6, Can stall holders in the Craft Marquee leave their stalls set up on Friday and Saturday evenings.
  7. Question 7, Is there a special Disabled Parking Area.

Answer 1:

BA Vintage Country Fair forms are available here: Caravan Reservation Form - Exhibitor Entry Form

Answer 2:

BA Hootenany forms are available here: Booking Form

Answer 3:


Answer 4:

Yes, there are several water taps around the site, on the perimeter fence.

Answer 5:

Yes, but they must be kept on a lead and any excrement must be collected by the owners.

Answer 6:

No, all displays must be taken down and re-set the following day

Answer 7:

Yes, along the fence beside the official Visitor Entry. Ask Stewards at entry gate for directions.